sábado, 18 de junho de 2011

WIP Dragonar-Kai part 10

Here is the ´head` in place. Next step is to fill all the gaps where it match with the rest of the body. I will also work on the disk to open some holes.

Couldn´t resist and put the legs together so here it´s how the D-Kai is looking now:

WIP Dragonar-Kai part 9

Here are some pics showing how I did the ´head`. I must tell I can´t figure out if it was done using some kit part as base so I decided to scratch built it.
First I took some measurements using the available pictures and make comparisson with the parts that are ready. Then I cut four 1mm styrene profiles:

Now I glued two of them together to form the middle. To add some width I used pieces of 2,5mm beams. I also did some holes to the finished piece to make it a bit more light in weight.

Here is it with all parts glued together and ready for some sanding

Finally the ´head` after some putty and more sanding.Now it looks OK!

quinta-feira, 16 de junho de 2011

WIP Dragonar-Kai part 8

The legs are finished. I did the canvas protection using epoxi putty, also added the knee armor.These are parts from the Dragonar kit with just minor modifications

WIP Dragonar-Kai part 7

Added some detail parts on the back-pack. 1/700 warship parts were used on the original model here I scratchbuilt some of them or just used similar parts

domingo, 12 de junho de 2011

WIP Schenkel 3

Now I have started working on the legs. I already have some of these assembled from my previous effort and they didn´t change. Here are different donors involved: 1/550 Azzam (blue and purple parts), 1/35 Panther (tan disks), 1/9 Kettenkrad (light grey parts) and 1/35 Matilda (tan parts)

the Azzam parts are easy to build,next they are glued to the Panther road wheels. The Matilda parts should be glued to the Kettenkrad parts first, then the result arms (make 8 of these) are glued on both sides of the Azzam cylinder.

Here I just placed the final construction over one of the foot.

WIP Schenkel 2

Still working on the feet, right now all top parts have been sanded to shape and glued to the bottom disks

But what the he*# is a Schenkel?

What is it?
The Schenkel is a 4-legged gun platform from the SF3D/Maschinen Krieger universe created by japanese designer Kow Yokoyama. The 1/35 scale model was part of an article in the HobbyJapan magazine and later it appeared on the SF3D book. The model has a lot of details using both kitbash and scratchbuilt parts. Today is possible to identify most of the donor kits used for the original model, altough some of these kits are hard to find since they are out of production items. Also there is alot of scratchbuilding involved as mentioned before which makes the job a bit more difficult.

Why building it?
Some years ago I have built another model based on Kow´s designs: the Nutrocker. Many donor kits were involved and some of these donors are the same for the Schenkel.So since I already got more than half of the main kit parts necessary I decided that I should try building the Schenkel. I satrted it very excited gluing parts together but soon many doubts about parts placement and identification made me put this aside for a while.
Today,thaks to the effort of many fans and their on-line resource material it become easier to put things together so this is the main reason I decided to re-start this project. I know it wont be an easy one and sure will not be 100% accurate but it will be a good challenge! The level of detail and the size of the finished model will be a great reward also an almost exclusive item for my SF3D collection.

sábado, 11 de junho de 2011

WIP Schenkel 1

So let´s start, from bottom to top!
Here are the 1/9 Kettenkrad wheels that will form the Schenkel feet

Each top wheel must be cut to the correct shape

Then some sanding to smoth the edges

It is a tedious process since you have to do it 4 times! A Dremel motor-tool helps alot but be careful not to demage the parts.

It´s Schenkel time!

So the madness beggins! Wish me luck

Donor kit parts

It´s funny how these things happen...I friend told me about the use of some French armor kit as a donor for the Dragonar-Kai. Strange enough I have the exactly same parts among others in a spare box!

quinta-feira, 9 de junho de 2011

WIP Dragonar-Kai part 6

The arms are ready! Left arm is build using Xabungle parts while the right one has a laser gun. The gun body is a 1/48 aircraft bomb.The barrel came from a 1/35 machine gun.

There is also a sensor, the original is part of a 1/20 Neuspotter kit so I decided to quicly scratch build one to spare the original.It was quite easy and the final result looks OK

WIP Dragonar-Kai part 5

More progress on the backpack, the light tan colored parts are from another Xabungle model cut to size. Also I had placed the Dragonar dish and will start to work on it soon

quarta-feira, 8 de junho de 2011

WIP Dragonar-Kai 4

Here are the parts that I will use for the ´arms`. The parts are easy to put together but there is some cutting needed on this stage to get it right. I will build the laser armed version so the right arm will be smaller than the left one.

Some more progress, here is the backpack at two different stages showing the positioning of the Xabungle parts. Later the dish will be aligned to the backpack top.

terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2011

WIP Dragonar-Kai part 3

These will help to get an idea of the overall shape. The parts used here came from the 1/144 Dragonar-3 kit (torso,feet,legs,arms) .Also there is ´half` of one of those Xabungle kits for the backpack. A nice reference image was necessary here to get a correct placement.

WIP Dragonar-Kai part 2

Here are some of the parts from the 1/144 Xabungle kit. This kit has 3 different mechs (Walker Machines) and several parts are used in this project. Some are used exactly like they are others need some cutting to get the right shape. I will keep them on their original color as long as possible so it will be easier to see their placement and use.

segunda-feira, 6 de junho de 2011

WIP Dragonar-Kai 1

This weekend I started to work on the Dragonar-Kai. It´s one of Kow Yokoyama designs that don´t belong to any other of his series. All I know is that he made both an illustration and model for the B-Club magazine in the 80´s for some article around the TV Show ´Dragonar`.

Here is the first pic I did with some of the parts I gathered together. I will post other pics soon!

Let´s start...

Here is a pic of one of my spare-parts box, this one for the little bits that I use most for detail work. I sort these in different sizes and uses to make the work easier when comes to select the right parts I will need for a model