domingo, 12 de junho de 2011

But what the he*# is a Schenkel?

What is it?
The Schenkel is a 4-legged gun platform from the SF3D/Maschinen Krieger universe created by japanese designer Kow Yokoyama. The 1/35 scale model was part of an article in the HobbyJapan magazine and later it appeared on the SF3D book. The model has a lot of details using both kitbash and scratchbuilt parts. Today is possible to identify most of the donor kits used for the original model, altough some of these kits are hard to find since they are out of production items. Also there is alot of scratchbuilding involved as mentioned before which makes the job a bit more difficult.

Why building it?
Some years ago I have built another model based on Kow´s designs: the Nutrocker. Many donor kits were involved and some of these donors are the same for the Schenkel.So since I already got more than half of the main kit parts necessary I decided that I should try building the Schenkel. I satrted it very excited gluing parts together but soon many doubts about parts placement and identification made me put this aside for a while.
Today,thaks to the effort of many fans and their on-line resource material it become easier to put things together so this is the main reason I decided to re-start this project. I know it wont be an easy one and sure will not be 100% accurate but it will be a good challenge! The level of detail and the size of the finished model will be a great reward also an almost exclusive item for my SF3D collection.

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